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On Dec 10, 2010 I opened my Etsy shop. At the beginning I  got no sales at all, and I was very frustrated. I read a lot of articles about online shopping, marketing, and business and changed my shop with the tools I got. Ever since then, I make 200 sales a month, and getting more and more opportunities even outside of Etsy. Since then I’ve quit my day job as a software engineer and run Brinkle on Etsy. Brinkle is successful due to the secrets that I have learned both through my experiences as well as that of others in my network of successful entrepreneurs.

 BrinkleFirst, you need to understand there is no real magic here. You are about to work hard for results. You will need to think about a plan for your shop. It will not be just another side project to get lots of money from. You will need to put some effort into it, and make a business plan. But rest assure, here is a great guide to help you with your first steps into this world. Good luck!

I am happy and grateful to be able to share what I have learned with you. I hope you will find as much success within this guide as I have. Let me know if you have any questions.

Your shop
Shop Look:
Your shop look is very important. If you have poor quality photos you will have pool sales. Shop banner and item photos must be appealing to shoppers. If you are not able to create a nice banner, use can buy a banner on Etsy with your shop name: click here

Avatar Photo (your user photo):
Your avatar photo should be your most appealing item photo.

About Page:
Create your about page. Add nice photos of your work process, your tools, and maybe your studio. Tell your customers your story. To edit the about page, go to your shop, and follow the link on the shop front page – ‘Edit about page’.

Featured Items:
You can choose 4 items to always be on the top of your shop. Be sure to place your bestsellers items there.

Your profile:
1.    Add information about yourself on your profile page. What is your inspiration? Where are you from? How did you find yourself as a shop owner on Etsy?
2.    Link to your favorite items or sections in your shop, and write what is it that makes you love it so much.
3.    Edit this page so that only your description and your shop are shown. Having your favorites, teams, treasuries, etc. viewable to others drives traffic away from your shop. Make the focus you and your shop.

Shop feedback:
Make sure you always have %100 positive feedbacks. If for some reason you got a negative or neutral feedback, talk to you customer, and understand the problem. Make sure your customer is happy with your replay. And be sure to use ‘kiss and makeup’ feature and ask the customer to change the review.

Items are the most important part in your shop.

1.    Product Photography should be number one or at least high up on your list when it comes to running your Etsy business.
2.    Etsy’s best sellers tend to photo the items against a white surface.
3.    Make sure it is clear from the picture what the item that you sell is. When a potential customer search for items similar to the one you sell, your item photo must be very clear so that the customer will understand what it is, and then click on it and get into your shop.
4.    Make your items look cohesive by using similar backgrounds or graphics.

Item subject + description:
1.    Be sure your title is clear. The title and description words are very important for the search engine. The more information you include, the greater your chances are of coming up in a Google / Etsy search.
2.    Use tags and item materials. Use all tags! This is also very important for the search engine. Here you can use common keywords you customer will use to search your items. You can even use your shop name there. To find the best choices for your shop go to Google AdWords at to can see the most popular terms associated with your items.
3.    Include in the description the item measures, colors.
4.    At the end of the description, add links to related items or sections in your shop.
5.    Provide all information you can on the item. Sometime people might shy away from a possible sale just because they didn’t have all the information and don’t want to bother by sending you a message and asking.

1.    See your competitor’s prices.
2.    There is a big difference between $9.99 and $10. $9.99 looks like it is something in a great price. But $10 looks like it is more honored. Think what is best for your shop, depends on the items you sell.
3.    On pricing be sure to include in your calculation: Materials, labor, other expenses + the profit you want to make.
4.    Wholesalers that will contact you will want %40-%30 off retail price offer.  

Cohesive shop:
When you bring a shopper in from search, it’s so important that they be interested in not just that item, but in browsing through the rest of your shop - this is how a great deal of sales are made. Your items must be related to each other. If you want to sell new items that are not related to the one you already sell, consider to open a new shop.
Sellers who are chosen as featured seller and who are contacted for media features all have cohesive shops.

1.    Be sure to add a note to the package with your shop URL. Customers who love your style will share your shop with others and come back again and again.
2.    Add to the package a coupon code for returning customers discount.

Coupon codes:
Who doesn’t LOVE discounts? Use codes for events, to increase sales. For example, add to your shop announcement for: “Buy 2 items get 7% OFF - coupon code: 2ITEMS2012. Buy 3 items get 10% OFF - coupon code: 3ITEMS2012.”. A $5 discount or a free gift - You would not believe how big of a difference even small incentives make! Incentives can make or break a sale.

1.    Use sections to make your shop easier to browse and more organized. On your shop admin page you can find it in your left – ‘sections’.
2.    On Sale – People LOVE sale! Add some items to your on sale. Sometimes it even better to edit the photo and place on the photo itself a text says ‘ON SALE’. That way people see it in the search page. You can use ‘paint’ for it. Or this free online ‘Photoshop’:

1.    Follow your statistics. It is important for you to know what items are most viewed, and what items are favorites for your customers. Learn from where come your traffic sources. This is the key to your shop. You will need to know if you get more people into your shop after moves you take.
2.    Connect your account with Google analytics for more information.

1.    Links to your item is the key idea for more views. The more links out there to your shop, the more exposure you will get.
2.    Send your friends links to your shop.
3.    Link to your new item listings from your blog, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page and your website.

1.    Be sure to visit your competitor shop all the times. See what they are doing, and try to understand way.
2.    See what materials they use, prices, colors ext.
3.    Go to the shop ‘sales’ section to see what they sold. On each shop on Etsy, you can see what the shop sold by clicking on the ‘738 sales’ link on the left banner on each shop. This is very important to see what other shops are selling.
4.    Find your competitor outside of Etsy. See if they have a Facebook page, or twitter, or a blog. Is so, follow them and see what are they next move.

Relisting items: 
Relist an item is a good way to keep them on or close to the front page of your category.
There is a 20 cent USD fee each time the item is relisted. It is well worth it and THE MOST important key to increase exposure and generate sales. I found the time to relist items is very important most effective times for me to relist is between 7pm – 1am EST.

Broaden you network!
Social tools are the best way to get more views into your shop!

1.    Etsy community: is a great place to chat with other shop owners and get help. Read and participate in events, online lads and forums. (I recommend the shop critics they run.)
2.    Favorites: Etsy offers the Heart feature to shoppers. This is intended for bookmarking your favorite items. This can also be used to network as well as to increase your exposure. The more hearts you have, the greater your network becomes. Take time to slowly heart the items so they do not all bunch up in your activity feed, hearting gets our items in activity feeds and circles. Try to mix the items you heart by hearting item, treasury or a shop.
3.    Treasuries: create treasuries, and you’ll find yourself in more and more treasuries made by others. Whenever you create a treasury, do your best to promote it. Send Etsy conversations to all shops features and ask them to heart it.
4.    Teams: join Etsy teams! I got my first push from the teams. Got many help and we helped each other to make more views.
5.    Circles: add as many as you can to your circle. People will add you back, and visit your shop.

Twitter + Facebook + Instagram:
Create a Facebook page and twitter account and connect it to you Etsy shop. Be sure to make updates on both frequently with links to your shop. You can upload new items photos, make a sale event, or just update on the new collection. Plus, Instagram is a great tool to share cool photos of your items.

Youtube channels and Blogs:
There are so many great blogs and now many great YouTube channels that review product. The deal is, your send them for free product, and they take pictures of it, and make a nice review on it, with links to your shop. If this blog or YouTube channel has many readers, you will get great traffic into your shop. You can also provide items for a giveaway for the reader, and ask them to like your Facebook page or add comment for why do they love this item. Browse the web to find blogs and channels that fits your shop – send then a short massage with links to your shop, and your offer to work together. This is a great way to get high quality views into your shop. It is also depend on who much your items cost, and if it worth it for you.

Other great social networks:

BTW, I am not a fan of Stumbleupon. Although, it does make a lot of views, but the views are not converting into sales.

Free business cards: make free business card on Get your card for free – click here.

Free Shipping supplies: create an account with USPS, and order supplies for free.

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